Nervous Patients

Doctor consulting with patient in office.
Doctor consulting with patient in office.

We appreciate that many people are anxious about visiting a dentist

We try to help ease this anxiety by creating a relaxed friendly atmosphere and hope to help you over-come any fears you may have.

On your visit to us, we will talk through all your fears and expectations. As a previous sedation dentist, Rachael has many techniques to put you at your ease allowing you to cope with dental treatment.

All of Rachael’s nurses are experienced in assisting with nervous patients and their dental worries.

For all new patients who have extreme anxiety, please ask to join Rachael’s list.

We also work Saturdays and Sundays which a lot of our existing nervous patients choose. Weekends have become popular with our nervous patients as the amount of surgeries running at the weekends are less and the practice in itself is less busy and more relaxed.